Dutch Youngster Festival 2020


Vetcheck        Wednesday August 12th      16h00 – 18h30

                      Only stallions                       18h30 – 19h00


Thursday August 13th 2020

S1       Juniors Small Tour,

S2       Young Riders Small Tour

S3       Juniors Big Tour

S4       Young Riders Big Tour

S5       Children Small Tour

S6       Ponies Small Tour

S7       Children Big Tour

S8       Ponies Big Tour


Friday August 14th 2020

S9       Juniors Small Tour

S10     Young Riders Small Tour

S11     Children Grand Prix

S12     Ponies Grand Prix

S13     Young Riders Grand Prix


Saturday August 15th 2020

S14     Young Riders Small Tour

S15     Children Small Tour

S16     Ponies Small Tour

S17     Juniors Grand Prix

S18     Young Riders Nations Cup

S19     Young Riders in between class


Sunday August 16th 2020

S20     Ponies Small Tour

S21     Juniors Small Tour

S22     Children Small Tour

S23     Juniors Nations Cup

S24     Juniors in between class

S25     Ponies Nations Cup

S26     Ponies in between class

S27     Children Nations Cup

S28     Children in between class




Klik hier voor het goedgekeurde schedule (update) van het Dutch Youngster Festival 2020

Click here for the approved schedule of the Dutch Youngster Festival 2020


Klik hier voor het goedgekeurde schedule van Outdoor Wierden 2020

Click here for the approved schedule of Outdoor Wierden 2020


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