Madee Schuttenbeld wins 1.20m Van der Kolk Infra Prize for Children

Madee Schuttenbeld achieved excellent performances in Wierden. Last week at Indoor Wierden she finished 2nd in a 1.30m class and 2nd in a 1.20m with Vayrenta (Haarlem), today she won the Children Small Tour with this mare. Runner-up in this Van der Kolk Infra Prize was Noa Grevinga on Bart (Ultime Espoir).


Results Van der Kolk Infra Prize, CSIO-CH Small Tour 1.20m:

1. Madee Schuttenbeld, NED, Vayrenta (Haarlem)

2. Noa Grevinga, NED, Bart (Ultime Espoir)

3. Hanna Cecilie Wicklund, NOR, Capic (Casall)

4. Gilles Nuytens, BEL, Halla van het Kluizebos (Contact van de Heffinck)

5. Luis Mompo Calabuig, ESP, Cleopatra (Nagano)


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