Spain no 1. in Children Big Tour: Manege De Hazelhorst Prize

A great result for Diego Ramos Maneiro from Spain by winning the Manege De Hazelhorst Prize. In this Big Tour class for Children he was the best with Brisa de Montemeao. For The Netherlands Madee Schuttenbeld and Beau Schuttelaar finished 30th and 31th with one pole down in the 2nd phase.


Results Manege De Hazelhorst Prize, CSIO-CH Big Tour 1.25m:

1. Diego Ramos Maneiro, ESP, Brisa de Montemeao

2. Mick Haunhorst, GER, Toscana

3. Martina Ferrari, ITA, Trustin

4. Roy van Beek, BEL, Illusion

5. Marthe Van Gorp, BEL, Lajolie


Click here for the results, photo FotoTrailer

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