Harry Allen triomphs in Hotel Sallandse Heuvelrug Prize, Ponies Small Tour

The Irish Harry Allen, brother of top rider Bertram Allen, won the Small Tour for Ponies today with Cassandra van het Roelhof (Orlando). Second in this Hotel Sallandse Heuvelrug Prize was Madee Schuttenbeld, who performs very well at the Dutch Youngster Festival. With Giorgio she also won a class yesterday. Jamie Schlief and Tania van Leeuwen finished 3rd and 4th for Holland.


Results Hotel Sallandse Heuvelrug Prize, CSIO-P Small Tour 1.20m:

1. Harry Allen, IRL, Cassandra vh Roelhof

2. Madee Schuttenbeld, NED, Giorgio

3. Jamie Schlief, NED, Kleber du Hardrais

4. Tania van Leeuwen, NED, Fedusa EB

5. Charlotte Houston, IRL, Ewald



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