1.40m De Paauw Plasticrecycling Prize for Emelie Grönberg

Emelie Grönberg from Sweden showed us how to ride a fast round! She won the 1.40m De Paauw Plasticrecycling Prize with Under Cover (Calato). In this Big Tour class with 54 Young Riders achieved the Dutch Jarno van Erp the 2nd prize with Al Capone (Lupicor). Lisa Nooren became 6th with Hocus Pocus de Muze (Tinka's Boy).


Results 1.40m De Paauw Plasticrecycling Prize, CSIO-Y Big Tour:

1. Emelie Grönberg, SWE, Under Cover (Calato)

2. Jarno van Erp, NED, Al Capone (Lupicor)

3. Josefina Goess-Saurau, AUT, Liliput (Lord Caletto)

4. Cathrine Jerring, NOR, C'est Moi (Verdi)

5. Katarina Bork, SWE, Evidemment (Oleander van de Herkkant)


Click here for the results, photo FotoTrailer

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